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What is your address?

E-shopinvest nv
Pittemsestraat 58D
8850 Ardooie

VAT 0806 661 106

How far in advance should I order my Chocol@ box?

If you order before 1 pm, we guarantee delivery in the next 3 working days, destination permitting.

However, you are also able to order your Chocol@ box and postpone delivery to a later date of your choice. So you'll be quite certain your boxes arrive at the right time.

What information will you include with my order?

A customised cover, chosen by you, will envelop the box. In addition to looking nice and elegant, this cover will also provide the recipient with all relevant information pertaining to the chocolates in the box (i.e. ingredients, expiry date, traceability, etc.)

Additionally, and only if you say so, a slip of paper with your name on it can be inserted in the Chocol@ box.

And finally, please note that we do not include the invoice, or any product brochure in our package.

Which methods of payment do you accept?

We accept major credit cards (VISA, AMEX and Mastercard) and PayPal.

To guarantee maximum comfort and optimal security of payment, we have opted for a partnership with OGONE, the online safe-mode payment system, to ensure the confidentiality of your information. This is done to assure that your feel safe and at home with us.

Can I choose my own ganache (filling) for each character?

With 56 characters and 15 different ganaches, Chocol@ clearly stands out by offering a wide range of tastes and flavours. The contents of each character are detailed on our site (see page "Our chocolates"). This will allow not only you to know what you're sending, but also your recipient to know what he or she tasted, thanks to the explanatory leaflet attached to the box.

However, for obvious logistical reasons, we can't offer the option of choosing a ganache for a specific character.

Will my message arrive in perfect condition?

Thanks to our isothermal packaging, your message will be delivered in perfect condition throughout Europe, irrespective of the outside temperature. This packaging was designed by low-temperature professional, and consists of a set of insulating materials that ensure a temperature below 20°C until delivery.

This package is automatically selected.  Just to make sure, our Customer Service team will look up the local temperature at the delivery address when reviewing your order, and will add the isothermal packaging when appropriate - at no extra cost to you.

Are your chocolates really that special?

Our range of 56 pralines was developed and perfected by Jean-Philippe Darcis, the renowned Belgian master chocolatier. This craftsman uses the best ingredients, the purest cocoa butter, and no preservatives. His chocolates are quite incomparable - and simply irresistible.

What about the ink used to customise the pralines? Is it edible?

Of course!The ink used for the customisation of our chocolates is a food dye that fully respects all relevant standards.

What's the best way to store your chocolates?

Once they have arrived, we recommend that you make the most of their rich flavour, smoothness and texture by eating them within three weeks of arrival. Do not refrigerate or freeze them. Optimal safekeeping is best done in cool (15° to 18°C) and humid (50 to 60%) environment.

Is your site secure?

Our server is completely secure and all information transmissions between your browser and our server is encrypted using SSL (Secured Socket Layer). Know that we do not collect your billing information. These are simply passed to our bank via a secure protocol to obtain authorization of payment. To avoid unpleasant surprises, we recommend you use a unique password for your Internet mail, always use strong passwords with a minimum of 10 characters (including numbers and special characters) and use a credit card exclusively for Internet purchases.

Do you resell my information?

We guarantee the confidentiality of the personal information and photos you've uploaded. These are strictly for our own use and will never be disclosed to outside organisations. The information collected on chocol-at.be will be used for the shipment of your orders and for sending information in a newsletter by email (optional). The recipients of these data are limited to: the chocol-at.be Customer Service, the chocola-at.be logistics service, and our carrier, DHL. Our logistics service and our carrier have signed a confidentiality agreement with chocol-at.be.

What if my order is damaged?

We guarantee delivery of your order in perfect condition all year round, regardless of destination. If your order is not delivered in perfect condition, it will be replaced immediately. We can also contact your recipient and apologise with an explanation.

Do your chocolates contain alcohol?


Do your chocolates contain nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, etc..)?


I have a discount voucher. How can I use it?

At the end of the order cycle, when you get a summary of your order, you will see a empty box next to the button « use this code ». You just need to fil in the box with the code in your possession. Please respect uppercase, lowercase and special characters and spaces. As sson as you have filled out your code just click the button « use this code». The value of your voucher will immediately be deducted from the toalprice of your order.

Attention: If you don’t click the button « use this code » no discount will be taken into account.

If the code is not accepted, this probably means that the validity of your voucher has expired. Don’t hesitate to contact us if problems should persist.

Eshopinvest NV
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VAT: BE 0806.661.106

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