Jean-Philippe Darcis and Chocol@ have pooled their experience and know-how to offer all chocolate-lovers the ultimate experience in Belgian chocolate. To achieve this acme of delight, Jean-Philippe Darcis and Chocol@ have designed an exclusive and original praline. The Chocol@ praline boasts a sleek, geometrical design but at the same time, it is entirely handcrafted with passion, talent and discipline.

Whether made with dark, milk or white chocolate, our pralines will surprise you with their intense flavour and long finish. The recipe for each ganache (filling) has been studied intensely and developed by Jean-Philippe Darcis in person. They have been composed of the finest, noblest ingredients in order for the marriage between chocolate and ganache to result in a gustatory pleasure of the highest order - each and every time.

Our chocolates contain very little sugar, no preservatives or alcohol, and are 100% pure cocoa butter.

Even more than their taste and quality, it's the emotion ignited by our Chocol@ pralines that will surprise you.

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