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Jean-Philippe DARCIS, master chocolatier, and Chocol@ are offering you a unique and original concept that combines exceptional quality with speedy delivery.

Each character is made from a recipe devised by Jean-Philippe DARCIS
and is composed of only the very finest ingredients.
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Exclusively for Chocol@, Jean-Philippe DARCIS developed 56 unique characters in chocolate, only available via www.chocol-at.co.uk.



The collection of pralines that make up your personal message will be placed with care in a beautiful box, in chocolate colour and with a leather look, fastened discreetly and efficiently by two magnets. Whoever gets the box will want to hold on to it as a keepsake of an unforgettable moment. Especially so since Chocol@ has taken care to insert inserted an exact replica of your message into the bottom of the box. Your edible message is thus destined to survive its consumption…



Each character is made from a recipe devised by Jean-Philippe DARCIS, and is composed of only the very finest ingredients. Every time you taste one of these chocolates, you'll be making a fabulous sensory journey around the world. For these chocolate gems each are a cross between an intense, cocoa bean-based chocolate shell and a uniquely flavoured filling.



The box and its chocolate message will be assembled, packaged and meticulously prepared in the workshop of Jean-Philippe DARCIS and then delivered as soon as possible by our exclusive partners DHL and Bpost.
We insist on preparing your Chocol@ box on our own production premises to ensure total freshness and to optimise the manufacturing process for quick delivery.



L'équipe Chocol@

Alexandre, Pascal, Jean-Philippe, Bernard.

Once upon a time…
A master chocolate-maker full of passion and talent, Jean-Philippe Darcis, is brimming with ideas. But he also likes to take his inspiration from projects born of the imagination of those close to him.
Chocol@ brings all of this together : passion, research, originality, friendship, action!
Alexandre suggests to Jean-Philippe that he puts letters on each of his chocolates. The objective is simple: clients can personalise their purchases with an original message, made up by themselves.
Not a good idea after all? “Impossible to do!” is Jean-Philippe’s reaction.
And it is true that it is not obvious to be able to offer personalised chocolates over the counter! Especially as a demanding clientele, used to a very high level of quality, has to be entirely satisfied.
With their best friends Bernard and Pascal, Jean-Philippe  and Alexandre don’t give up. The four friends from Verviers, all from different backgrounds, spend hours, days and nights looking for THE solution. Together they work miracles.
Through their perseverance and their determination, they imagine putting their project on the internet. Eureka! Chocol@ is born!
The concept, the name, the marketing tools… the adventure starts to come to reality.
An adventure whose whole purpose is to highlight the work of one of the best chocolate craftsmen in Belgium.
To you who are reading these words, thank you for sharing this adventure!

The Chocol@ team.

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