Jean-Philippe DARCIS

creator of happiness

Jean-Philippe DARCIS is passionate about chocolate - both on and off the job. His favourite movies? 'Merci pour le chocolat' by Claude Chabrol and 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' by Tim Burton. Favourite book? 'Like Water for Chocolate' by Laura Esquivel. He loves to listen to 'La femme chocolat' by Olivia Ruiz and swoons over Pietro Longhi's tableau entitled “Early morning chocolate” (painted over five years, from 1775 to 1780!) Last but not least: his phone is an LG… Chocolate.

No need to belabour the point any further: Jean-Philippe DARCIS is a living, breathing, walking advertisement for chocolate. His all-consuming passion is for fine patisserie in general and chocolate in particular. He acquired his knowledge and honed his skills by learning from the greatest in the business, while doing internships with Lenôtre, Belouet, Wittamer, and Richard…
But Jean-Philippe DARCIS is more than just a consummate chocolatier, he's also a businessman. These two callings have been paired since he opened his first atelier at age 25.
As a native of the Pays de Herve, in rural eastern Belgium, he has always instinctively turned to locally sourced products. And being an heir to the long history of chocolate-making in his hometown of Verviers, he has been passionate about chocolate since day one, managing his chocolate laboratories and launching his first 'Darcis'-style tasting room.
As a connoisseur of noble, refined flavours, of fine pastry with dense, powerful chocolate, and of delicious ice cream sorbets melting like ripe fruit, Jean-Philippe DARCIS knows how to magically combine these ingredients.
By melding tradition and creativity into a masterful savoir-faire, he reinvented the basics of the craft, allowing new combinations to release subtle, infinitely rich and exquisite tastes.
Jean-Philippe shares this passion for his art with the craftsmen of his atelier, all followers of Epicurus.

Pushing back the limits of the culinary arts,,
in order to satisfy the most demanding palates

Path to Glory

Jean-Philippe DARCIS loves his work, and the glorious results of his passion are recognised by his peers. It's no coincidence that he was chosen to represent Belgium at the Shanghai World Expo in 2010. Some of his accolades:

2001 The Prosper Montagné Trophy
2001 The International Prize for Belgian Chocolate and Lifelong Ambassadorship for Belgian Chocolate
2002 The Team Bronze Medal at the World Pastry Championship (Las Vegas)
2002 The Gold Medal in the category 'Chocolate Coins' (Las Vegas)
2003 The Silver Medal at the World Cup of Ice Creams (Turin)
  Membership of the 'International Desserts Network'
  The Coq de Cristal (several times)
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